Friday, April 1, 2011

First Birthday as a Mommy!

Wednesday was a great day! It was my 26th birthday and the first day of my 7 days off! Unfortunately, Philip had school and work most of the day, but my mom and my brother, Nathan, came to visit. My mom surprised me by bringing eclair and chocolate crazy cake. It's called crazy cake, because it has vinegar and no eggs! I know it sounds weird, but the cake is so yummy! While they were here, we went to eat lunch at Logan's. I'm so glad they came to visit!!

After my mom and Nathan left, Turner and I spent the rest of the afternoon together. I love spending time with Turner! He is such a sweet boy! When Philip got home, we went to church. After church, we went to eat at Provino's, and I got my free birthday meal. I got fettuccine carbonara. It was delicious!

On top of the desserts my mom brought, Philip also made a yellow cake with homemade chocolate icing, which was very good! We definitely do not have a shortage of sweets right now!

Philip did a great job picking out my birthday present. He got me a Nook Color! He also gave me a charm that says "baby boy" on one side and has baby footprints on the other side. I love it! I'm so lucky to be married to Philip!!


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  2. So glad to know you had such a wonderful birthday!! : )